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Autumn in vintage style

Vintage fashion has been very popular for several years. The clothes, shoes and accessories found in second-hand stores and at special fairs allow you to create unique outfits. Many of us discover these possibilities, and fashion bloggers and influencers, who are popular on social media, often present ideas for interesting stylizations and suggest where to buy clothes and accessories.

Meet Wiktoria Adaś and create a unique stylization

On Saturday, November 12th, during „Jesień w stylu vintage” event in our Shopping Centre, you will be able to meet Wiktoria Adaś, an influencer, and buy the clothes she used earlier. This is a great opportunity to meet this fashion blogger and hunt down real gems from recent seasons.

Please visit Wiktoria Adaś's profile on Instagram

Vintage mini-fair

Are you looking for unique styles, interesting additions and accessories? During Saturday's event, several local and online vintage and second-hand stores will showcase their collections. This is a great opportunity to buy unique things and create a unique outfit that distinguishes us during autumn walks. This action also gives clothes a new lease of life and thus helps to protect the environment.

Discover ideas for autumn stylizations

During „Jesień w stylu vintage” event, in the passage of our Shopping Centre, you will also be able to see styling proposals in which clothes and accessories from the stores present in this facility will be used. Thanks to this, you will be able to inspire yourself to independent fashion searches.

„Jesień w stylu vintage” will be held on Saturday, November 12th from 10.00 to 18.00 in the passage of our Shopping Centre. Free entrance!