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For the sake of the places where we live and local communities!

From 31/08 to 28/09
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We support the Eco-City 2022 project. We discuss how to change districts and promote sustainable cities!

We want our Shopping Centre to connect local communities and have a positive impact on the environment in three areas: social (People), environmental (Planet) and economic (Profit). That is why you can observe how the surroundings of our facility are changing every day and participate in events in which we encourage you to spend time together, get to know our region and care for the environment.

Moreover, the Nhood Polska company, which manages our facility, is involved in numerous events that promote the idea of ​​sustainable urban spaces. Therefore, also this year, she became a partner of the Eco-City project, organized by the United Nations Environment Program GRID / Warsaw and the French Embassy in Poland.

Nhood representatives will take part in this event. Ada Walentek, CEO of Nhood Polska, will appear in one of the discussions during the international Eco-City 2022 conference, which will take place in September in Warsaw, and Grzegorz Kwiecień, head of the Wilanów Park project, will be one of the speakers at the webinar for local government representatives.

Nhood Polska is also a partner of the Eco-City 2022 competition. There are award-winning local governments that care about the sustainable development of communities and urban spaces. Perhaps the city where our Shopping Centre operates will win an award? We keep our fingers crossed! add this event to your calendar

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