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We invite you to creative workshops in a special tent in front of our Center!

Creative workshops are back in our calendar! In a special tent in front of the Shopping Center on August 8 from 10:00 to 14:00 children will be able to decorate colorful umbrellas on their own. Participation in the workshop is free, and all the necessary materials will be available on site.

Little artists will have at their disposal umbrellas of various colors - yellow, red, blue and white, as well as templates and special colored felt-tip pens for fabrics. Children will be able to use ready-made patterns or create various patterns and shapes according to their own ideas. The umbrellas prepared in this way will certainly be useful during summer trips and walks, while pleasing the eye.

In order to ensure the greatest possible safety for participants, the workshops will be held in a special tent, which will stand at the entrance to the shopping center from the Leroy Merlin store side. The tables placed there will facilitate the decoration, and the size of the umbrellas will help to keep social distance.
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