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Holiday workshops and refreshing snacks

On Saturday, July 23rd, we invite you to a holiday meeting for the whole family. Lots of attractions await everyone who visits our Shopping Centre from 10:00 to 17:00!


Let your imagination run wild here! Participants will be able to decorate a fabric sack-backpack. It will be possible to make a drawing on a paper sheet, which will be scanned and then, using a special printer, applied to a fabric backpack-sack. This will create a unique item.

During the classes, it will also be possible to decorate cotton bags. The participants will have at their disposal-colored paints and felt-tip pens. It will also be possible to sew various decorative elements to the bags.


Participants will prepare healthy sweet snacks under the supervision of the teacher. The ingredients will include seasonal fruit, dried fruit, chia seeds. The dishes will be made in jars, which will allow you to take them home.

Such natural snacks are perfect for a summer vacation as a replacement for sweets.

During the whole meeting in a specially arranged bar, you will be able to enjoy a healthy lemonade without added sugar. You will be able to choose from several flavours of the drink - classic lemon, orange and watermelon. Such a cool summer drink will surely refresh you and give you strength!

Participation in all attractions is free!

We invite you to come!