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It's time to start retro games and fun!

Retro games and activities can be an unforgettable trip in time for the youngest and those slightly older. How was washing on a grater, making butter or plucking feathers? What was writing with a pen and inkwell and writing on a slate tablet? The participants of the event, to which we invite you on May 20th, will learn about it. Free entrance.

Today, the names of certain activities, games and plays may sound a bit exotic for children, but for their grandmothers and grandfathers they were everyday life. Feel the magic of the past years and immerse yourself in the retro atmosphere. Real fun awaits families and friends who will take part in „Wspomnień czar” event.

Washing on a grater, trampling on cabbage, plucking feathers, weighing on scales, writing with a pen using an inkwell, making butter, carrying books on a belt or writing on a slate board will no longer sound mysterious to everyone who will visit our Shopping Centre next Saturday. There will be a lot of laughter and nice memories from the old days.

„Wspomnień czar” event will take place on May 20th from 9am to 2pm. Free entrance.