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We invite you to the pumpkin festival!

Pumpkin - is an autumn vegetable that delights with its beautiful colours and various shapes. That is why it works well as a seasonal decoration in our homes.

During the Pumpkin Festival, which will take place on Saturday, October 29th, in our Shopping Centre, you will be able to take part in a variety of creative workshops and make autumn decorations, as well as learn how the laws of physics and chemistry affect the plant world.

It will be possible to take part in the classes from 10.00 to 17.00. There is also an exhibition waiting for the participants, during which you will be able to see over 30 species of pumpkins.

Autumn wreaths and pumpkin pillows

By combining decorative varieties of pumpkins with flowers, bush twigs, leaves and plant shoots, you can create colourful autumn wreaths. Such a self-made decoration can then hang on the door of the house or decorate the table beautifully.
The program of Saturday's festival will also include family creative workshops, during which it will be possible to make a pillow in the shape of a pumpkin. Even a few-year-old children can handle this task well, because no needles will be used to join the material. Little artists will have at their disposal colourful fabrics, ribbons and lots of decorations that will allow them to create a unique decoration. You will be able to take your fancy pillows home. The youngest children will be able to create pumpkin-shaped decorations made of paper and polystyrene.

We learn the laws of physics and chemistry

Scientific experiments, during which you can observe the combination of various substances or a change in their appearance, allow you to learn about the laws of physics and chemistry. The participants of the Saturday meeting will find that science can be fascinating and will make experiments with the use of pumpkins.

Different faces of the pumpkin

A real attraction of the Saturday festival will be an exhibition, during which you will be able to see several dozen different varieties of pumpkins up close. They will include both edible vegetables, well-known in our kitchen, and decorative varieties. The exhibition will delight you with the richness of colours and shapes. On the other hand, guests who like to solve puzzles will be able to try their hand at a field game in the passage of the Shopping Centre.

We invite you to participate!